Herzlich Willkommen • Serdecznie witamy • Welcome
Wir sind die ökumenische Studierendengemeinde...
an der Europa-Universität Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder)
Wir sind Studierende...
...vom ersten bis zum letzten Semester...
...aller Fakultäten und Nationen...
...aller christlichen Glaubensrichtungen.
Wir feiern in ökumenischer Verbundenheit Gottesdienst
Wir reden über die Welt und Gott
Wir engagieren uns für andere
Wir treffen uns, um gemeinsam...
...zu feiern oder Fußball zu schauen...
Du bist herzlich willkommen!

We - Who are we?

Welcome to the Ecumenical Student Group at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder).

We are students of all faculties, from many countries and different churches. With us you can make new friends, get to know other cultures and traditions, practise thinking and acting in solidarity, discuss about God and the world and get to know and live a living Christian faith. We maintain close cooperation with the Polish Catholic student group PARAKLETOS in Słubice. In ecumenical solidarity, we celebrate our semester start and end services and do a lot of other things together.

During the lecture period we meet regularly on Wednesdays at 1 p.m. in the cafeteria of the Gräfin-Dönhoff building for the ÖSAF-Stammtisch (regulars’ table) and eat together. This is an opportunity to get to know each other and make appointments. (Because of Corona our regulars' table has to be cancelled immediately!)

You are very welcome, no matter which nation and faculty you belong to. Bring your talents to us. We are looking forward to you.

You can also find us on Facebook und Instagram.

We maintain a close cooperation with the Polish Catholic student ministry Parakletos in Słubice. In ecumenical solidarity we celebrate our services at the beginning and the end of the semester and do a lot of other things together. You can inform yourself about the events of Parakletos under SEMESTER PROGRAM, http://parakletos24.com/ or on Facebook.